Monday, May 9, 2011

Choosing A Movie Screen Rental Company

 So you have decided to have a Backyard Outdoor Movie Party?  You made a great decision, outdoor movies are a blast and a night all will remember. To ensure you Backyard Movie Party is a success we have put together a checklist to ask when choosing an Outdoor Movie Screen Rental Company:

1.  Choose a rebuttal Ohio Outdoor Movie Screen Rental Company.  Not all Outdoor Movie Screen Rental Companies are created equal! 
                                                    Here a few questions you will want to ask:

  • Do they have multiple screen sizes?  Professional Outdoor Movie companies will carry a wide range of screen sizes to accommodate your unique outdoor movie event needs. Multiple  Movie Screen Rental Packages allows you to choose what best fits your needs!

  • Do they have a wide range of audio equipment? This is an extremely important factor to consider. Having the proper audio is the key to any successful event!

  •  What type of outdoor projectors do they use?  This separates the Pro's from the Novice! Professional outdoor projectors range from 4000-10,000 lumens and are very expensive. Your typical projectors do not have enough lumens (brightness) to produce the quality picture you deserve! Be sure to ask how many lumens the projector produces.


  • What if it rains?  Do they have a weather guarantee? Do they charge you extra?  Most professional companies should allow you to reschedule without penalty.  For example, Buckeye Outdoor Cinema located in Ohio does not charge extra or penalize you if your event is canceled due to weather.

  • Do they carry extras?  Again, this separates the Pro's from the Novice! Popcorn Machines, Snow Cone Machines, Cotton Candy Machines, Microphones, X-box, and Rockband are examples of the final touches that can make your event a night to remember!

    • Do they have refferalls from a wide range of customers?  Professional Outdoor Movie Companies shoud be able to easily produce referrals and testimonials of their services. They should also assist you with Outdoor Movie Ideas for your event!
    Ask the above questions and you will feel confident on your Movie Screen Rental Company decision!  

    Buckeye Outdoor Cinema is a full service outdoor movie screen rental company serving all of Ohio including:Ashley Bexley Buckeye Lake Columbus Delaware Dublin Easton Gahanna Galena German Village Grandview Heights Grove City Hilliard Lewis Center London Marysville Gilead Ostrander Pickerington Powell Reynoldsburg Shawnee Hills SunburyUpper Arlington Westerville Whitehall Worthington Toledo Cleveland Cincinnati Akron Dayton


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